Scottish Gift Store

Scottish Gift Store
Keltic Nation: Scottish Store has a wide range of quality Scottish gifts and souvenirs including Scottish Toys, Novelties, Gifts, T-shirts, Keepsakes, Infant Ware, Embroidered Sweatshirts and Clan Business Cards that has a wide range of Scottish Clans to choose from.

Scottish Gifts - NOVELTIES

Scottish Gifts including Cute teddy bears, dolls, frig magnets, playing cards, glasses, stickers, tartan umbrellas, Insta-Kilts, funny hats, bumper stickers, folding canes and other novelty items.
Scottish Gifts - GIFTS and KEEPSAKES

Scottish gifts including clan crest hip flasks, Scottish Rampant Lion or Saltair flags, quaich, tartan umbrellas, tartan lap blankets, and other Scottish gifts to help display your pride of Scotland and your heritage.
Scottish Gifts - Infant Ware

Wide selection of Scottish clothes including t-shirts, caps and much more.
Scottish Gifts - GLASSWARE

A collection of fine glassware with Scottish and Irish Heritage some come with a fine Aspen hardwood box.
Clan Business Cards
Scottish Clan Business Cards. Stylish Business Cards with your clan crest, clan tartan, or both. Premium quality and Economy business cards with Clan Crest, Clan Crest with Clan Name Scroll, Clan Tartan with Clan Crest, Clan Tartan with Clan Crest and Clan Name Scroll, or just Clan Tartan.
Scottish Clan Items
A great variety of items with Scottish clan crests.