Scottish Food

Caledonian Kitchen Setting the Gourmet Standard of Traditional Scottish Food in America

Only the finest of ingredients are acceptable to make haggis the Caledonian Kitchen way. This is the famous haggis enjoyed by thousands of visitors to the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. Since 1996, members of the Scottish Clans of North Texas, Burns Societies, and native Scots have chosen The Caledonian Kitchen Haggis to be served at their Robert Burns Night Banquets. The secret of the superb quality of our haggis is the meticulous attention we give to both cooking methods and choice of ingredients. USDA Choice sirloin beef and liver, onions, the finest spices, and the highest quality oats are simmered gently in small batches to produce haggis whose richness of flavor would befit the nobility of Scotland itself.

We also have nice deserts including perserves and short breads.