KILTS - Custom Made by "Lochcarron of Scotland"

KILTS - Custom Made by "Lochcarron of Scotland"
Be you Scottish, Irish, or Welsh the wearing of the Kilt is our fine tradition.

We will contact you to verify your measurements and verify your order. Please be patient, this is a large expenditure and we want to get it right the first time so that YOU are happy.

Kilt Delivery Time: Reiver / Braeriach allow 7-8 weeks, Strome allow 8-10 weeks.

All Kilts are Pleated to your choice of Sett or Stripe, please see explanation in Kilt Pleating below.

Kilt Pleating: There are two basic methods of pleating a kilt. In one - called pleating to the stripe - a vertical stripe is selected and the fabric will be folded so that this stripe runs down the center of each pleat. The result is a style where horizontal bands appear along the back and sides of the kilt. A kilt pleated in this fashion will look different from the front than it does from the back. It is often called military pleating because this is the style of pleating adopted by most military regiments. It is also widely used by pipe bands.

The other style of pleating is called pleating to the sett. Here, the fabric is folded in such a way that the pattern of the sett is repeated all around the kilt. This is done by taking up one full sett in each pleat. The result is a kilt which looks much the same from the front as from the back.