HeatherGems 3 Inch Quaich

HeatherGems 3 Inch Quaich
Item# HG-QA3H

Product Description

Looking for that unusal item?

This handsome 3 inch Quaich is it. Made of pewter with a HeatherGems in each handle(lug).

The word "QUAICH" is derived from the Gaelic word "Cuach" which means "shallow cup" or as we know it today, a "drinking cup".

The Quaich originated in the Scottish Highlands centuries ago and became the favorite drinking cup throughout Scotland.

Traditionally, the Quaich is used when offering a guest "the cup of welcome" and again when offering the farewell or parting drink.

The simple but pleasingly distinctive design of the Quaich has remained unchanged over the centuries - a shallow bowl with two handles or ears, colloquially knows as "lugs".

The original Quaichs were made in the primitive "staved" wood form and then from horn or leather.

These materials were later superseded by Pewter and Silver. The Highland Quaich is now gained popularity as a gift line throughout the Western World.