Cwlwm Bead and Gemstone Descriptions

Cwlwm Bead and Gemstone Descriptions
Item# BD-Beads

Product Description

Created in six sterling silver Cwlwm bead designs to feature in Cwlwm Jewelery. Stick, tube, stone, cigar, egg and dime(left to right, top to bottom). They will eventually be available loose, for other makers.

Gemstone Details:

AMETHYST is known as "The Elevator" and is often used as an aid to meditation. It is said to have extraordinary powers: soothing the mind, raising the spirits and inspiring love. Let its gentle hues impart an inner peace and a new clarity to your life (deep lilac/mauve).

CARNELIAN symbolizes the strength of the earth and is known as "The Friendly One". It takes its colour from the sun and its name from a cherry. We hope that it will protect you from rage, fear and sorrow by opening your heart to wisdom, warmth and joy (deep redcurrant/burnt amber).

LAPIS is known as a "Stone of Heaven" and is said to contain elements, which existed before time was born. It may bring you increased vitality, inner wisdom or a greater awareness but we hope that it will aid your spiritual development, encourage honesty and protect you from harm (deep royal blue with occasional flecks of gold).

ROSE QUARTZ is named after its colour and is known as "The Love Stone". It is said to emit a powerful energy, gladdening the heart, hastening recovery from all ills and promoting friendship. Let this beautiful stone stimulate some love in your life and bring you inner calm (pale pretty pink).

MALACHITE is known as a "Stone of Transformation" and is useful in times of change. Lifting the spirits, promoting restful sleep and improving health, it is also said to symbolize loyalty and responsibility. May it bring you happiness, trust and a greater understanding of the wonder of life (banded with two shades of green).