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Heart Shape Pendant in Sterling Silver - Medium Size
Regular price: $55.75
Sale price: $51.00
Heart Shape Pendant - Sterling Silver - Larger
Regular price: $61.25
Sale price: $55.25
**NEW**  Butterfly Heather Pendant
Regular price: $48.75
Sale price: $40.00
** NEW **  Scottie Dog Brooch
Regular price: $41.50
Sale price: $34.50
Tartan Kilt Onesie - Short Sleve
Insta-Kilts - The Instant Kilt Beach Towel
Our Most Popular Item.
$27.25, 2/$49.50
Scot In The Box / Paddy In The Box
Clan Seat
Toy Bag Pipes with Functional Chanter
BlackThorn Walking Stick without Thorns
Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $46.50
Bodhran 18 inch with Guinness Design
Regular price: $82.50
Sale price: $76.50
Irish American T-Shirt
Regular price: $24.50
Sale price: $21.25
Tear Drop Earrings - Plated
Regular price: $44.00
Sale price: $39.00
Heart Shape HeatherGems Pendant
Regular price: $57.75
Sale price: $48.75
HeatherGems Tear Drop Pendant - Plated
Regular price: $49.75
Sale price: $42.00
"Cyfrin" Jewelry Collection
NEW ITEMS Unique jewelry and shapes, said to unlock the secrets of the ancient Celts with Cyfrin beads, cast in solid lead-free pewter and combined with genuine gemstone beads.

Eye catching earrings, pendants, necklaces and bangles.
Celtic Interlace Elongated Triangle Earrings with Pendant
Beautiful Celtic style earring with matching pendant. Buy Earrings at regular price and get Pendant at 30% off.
Regular price: $69.75
Sale price: $59.75
Deluxe Sgian Dubh - Polished with Studs
Regular price: $199.50
Sale price: $182.50
HeatherGems 3 Piece Set - Pewter
Cufflinks - Saltire - Enameled
Regular price: $54.00
Sale price: $48.50

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Welcome to Keltic Nation, You're at home connection to your Celtic Heritage.

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We offer for sale Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Celtic gifts, clothing, novelties, jewelry, books, glassware, food, and music tapes & CD's. In addition we want our web site to inform or remind you of your Celtic Heritage. We have wee bits of information throughout the pages as well as a page that will link you to informational and fun sites on Scottish, Irish, and Celtic interests. There is a site to learn to play Celtic Chess and a site with Scottish/Irish music with words.

We feature a broad selection of fine Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Celtic jewelry from great companies like Art Pewter, HeatherGems (made from Scottish heather), Carrick and others. Art Pewter is known for their very fine detailed Celtic and Scottish sterling silver and pewter earrings, pendants, brooches, plaid brooches, kilt pins, and much more. HeatherGems, made in the highlands of Scotland, has unique sterling silver/pewter jewelry with a beautiful one of a kind gem made from the heather plant.

Clothing is also offered from Scotland and Ireland. Offered are Irish sweaters and scarves, Scottish wool scarves, sashes and shawls, Ties, T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, hats, and of course kilts in hundreds of tartans and the right accessories including jackets, sgian dubhs, sporrans, hose, flashes, tams, hats, shoes, belts and buckels needed for the proper wearing of the formal and informal Scottish, Irish and Welsh kilt.

Books and maps of Ireland and Scotland are also offered along with music tapes and CD's and unique Scottish and Irish novelties, keepsakes, and toys from Bee Line and other fine companies.

We also offer Scottish food through our affiliation with Caledonian Kitchen. Enjoy great Scottish favorites like Scottish biscuits, preserves, whiskey cake, marmalade, honey, wheat free biscuits, Dean's all butter shortbread, and of course HAGGIS.

If you don't see it on our web site, e-mail us and if we don't have it we will try to tell where you can get it.

So That You Will Receive an "ORDER CONFIRMATION" e-mail, Please include our e-mail address (sales@kelticnation.com) in your "Address Book".

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